Eurovision 2016: Russia tones it down

After releasing what was probably the most homoerotic Eurovision entry of all time, Russia has decided to get Sergey Lazarev to sing something a little less…full on.

And I think it’s a shame.

This is (without the video) a very painting-by-numbers pop number. Whereas the first song was flamboyant and memorable, this is doing nothing for me. The video is, all the same, quite impressive. But the lyrics…are banal beyond description. I’m picturing the writers flipping through an English language dictionary looking for words that simply rhyme.

That said, I see Twitter has been abuzz about this new song, with many people tipping this for victory. But what will happen then? Will Europe’s gays be happy to decamp (pardon the pun) to Moscow, where right now it’s positively dangerous to just BE gay, never mind campaign for equal rights?!

Eurovision is, after all, like Christmas and New Years Even rolled into one for us gays. (Tongue firmly in cheek).

Meh. Still hoping Spain wins big on the night. I give this one 5/10.

1 comment on “Eurovision 2016: Russia tones it down

  1. Blah. Sergei is wearing too many clothes in this video. Yawn. Take it off.


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