A new iPad Pro Mini?

We’re now just over 24 hours from Apple’s now-confirmed event. And while we know there’s definitely something they want to share with us, it’s not exactly clear what that this.

But this being Apple, we’re not short of a few rumours… For a start, it sounds like there’s going to be a new 4″ iPhone, some new bands for the Apple Watch and (hopefully) a smaller iPad Pro. 

Or as I previously referred to it, the iPad Pro Mini.

Picture it: a 9.7″ iPad – the same dimensions, give or take, as the existing iPad Air 2 – but with all the functionality of its much bigger brother.

Four speakers, a faster chip, a smart connector for accessories like keyboards and use of the Apple Pencil. Despite all my initial excitement, it’s worth noting that I’ve yet to buy an iPad Pro. And I’m glad. 

Reflecting on the months since its launch, I can’t think of a single instance where it would have been truly more useful and practical to have an iPad Pro rather than my iPad Air 2. The main reason? It’s just so big. 

It’s glorious. A thing of beauty. That screen! But it’s also far too big for me to carry around with me. And it would be wasted just left at home on my desk. 

Conversely, I’ve been using the hell out of my iPad Air 2. It fits very neatly – even with a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard – into the Jack Spade bag I have slung over my shoulder most weekends. It’s slips in nearly next to my laptop in my work bag. 

In short, it’s rarely far from my reach, all because it’s so light and portable. 

Now take this portability and add an Apple Pencil and a faster chip and you’ve got something I’m very excited about!!

I’m far less interested in the rumoured new four inch iPhone or the new Apple Watch bands – but either or both may be just what you’ve been waiting for. I hope all your dreams come true. 

I’ll be tuning in to the live stream of this event to check for a new iPad while I simultaneously see how much mine will go for on eBay. 

3 comments on “A new iPad Pro Mini?

  1. stevemorton

    Yep I might go for this next one, my current one is an iPad 3!!


    • MacPsych

      Sounds like it’s time for an upgrade – if you use it, that is. I think iPads have a much longer shelf life than iPhones. Will be interesting to see what’s revealed tomorrow.


  2. Tempted as I was to go for an iPad Air 2 or a Mini 4, my iPad 2 (old two) has continued to serve me well and is still used daily. My money went instead into the IPhone 6S Plus and a 13″ MacBook Pro. However, the iPad 2 is sluggish on iOS9 and there is a lot in the way of features it doesn’t have. So, like Steve and you, I’ll be in the market for the new model – to fit in my Knomo zip organiser.

    If the Apple Watch had independent GPS and could last on an overnight camping trip without recharging, I could be tempted. However, new wrist bands are not enough and it looks like Apple Watch 2 is delayed until the Autumn.


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