Eurovision 2016: Germany

Germany have selected Jamie-Lee Kriewitz to represent them at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. While the song itself is really quite glum and uninspiring, Jamie-Lee looks like an explosion of colour and definitely wouldn’t be out of place wandering through Tokyo’s Harajuku on a Sunday afternoon.

She’s going for the Kawaii vote here, (check out the panda nestling in her hair!) but I’m not sure there are enough fans of this niche fashion preference to make this a winner. (On the other hand, my mind is now mulling over the creation of a venn diagram illustrating the overlap of kawaii fans and Eurovision fans. Just how big – and incredible! – would that overlap be?! Fascinating, captain.)

She’ll definitely stand out and remain memorable, however I don’t think the song will. It’s not exactly cheery or something the audience can sing along with. It’s not a straightforward power ballad and it’s not poptastic. I fear this’ll get lost somewhere in the middle of it all, even though Germany get an automatic place in the final. Big five and all that…

Having ‘reviewed’ a minority of the 2016 Eurovision entries, I still put this somewhere towards the bottom of the pile. Spain, Ireland and Russia (sadly) will all do better than this on the night.


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