Eurovision 2016: Estonia

Next up in my almost certainly incomplete series of Eurovision 2016 song reviews: Estonia!

Estonia are sending the quite suave and well turned out Juri Pootsmann, singing ‘Play’. It’s not a blockbuster, doesn’t feature any crazy on-stage shenanigans, but it’s nice all the same. And Juri? Juri will almost certainly turn a few heads.

(You can probably tell that I’m doing these in any kind of order – just as I stumble across the national winners on YouTube. I like Eurovision, but not enough to create a blog post campaign or masterplan or basically do anything more than issue a series of off-the-cuff reactions.)

Now this, I like. A lot. It has a slight ‘Bond theme’ feel to it, but it’s not a blatant rip-off of something else. It’s delivered with confidence and style. Is it memorable? Well, even after hearing it just three times, I’m now whistling along. It’s a stylish piece, if not a blockbuster. Will it threaten any of the big ‘favourites’? I’m not sure – I think it’ll come down to how political the voting is and how well Juri performs live in front of a massive live audience.

I have high hopes and it would be great to see him progress to the final. Estonia have won the contest once before, back in 2001. Maybe once more?


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