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Canary Wharf in the sun

We had a wander around the neighbourhood to enjoy the sun this afternoon and noticed how all of the new and ‘newish’ buildings in Canary Wharf look so great against the blue sky! It’s nice to see a diversity of design among these newer buildings – they’re not all copying the ‘glass blocks’ model synonymous with Canary Wharf.

On the other hand, it really looks like they’re being built on top of each other. And the plots where even newer buildings are going up? Well, they’ll be looking directly into some of these buildings’ windows. Just goes to demonstrate how much this land is worth and how desperate developers are to make use of every single square metre.

All photos taken with my iPhone 6s Plus and shared as is – no filters! All natural, London sunshine 🙂

2 comments on “Canary Wharf in the sun

  1. ethnicolor

    Nice shots. It’s amazing how this area of London has developed. I remember going around the DLR shortly after it first opened, and you were basically travelling through empty dockyards. Now look at the place!


    • MacPsych

      Yes! Massive changes since I moved to Wapping about 11 years ago. Canary Wharf is basically unrecognisable now. But also, there’s far more I threat of shops, restaurants and services. We love it here!


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