New trailer for Captain America: Civil War

There’s no other way to put this – Captain America: Civil War looks epic. I’m more excited for this film than any of its predecessors in the Marvel Studios catalogue.

After several high-profile outings for the Avengers, featuring not a small amount of collateral damage, the government brings in a registration protocol. The need to register with the government splits the Avengers down the middle, pitting them against each other. Hence the ‘Civil War’ title.

Calm down, dear…

This latest trailer is exciting for a couple of reasons: one, it features more of the Black Panther, who I’ve been dying to see on the screen for quite some time. I hoping he gets more than a brief cameo in the film itself.

Secondly, the last couple of seconds of this trailer feature the long-awaited appearance of Spider-Man alongside the Avengers. Unless you’re a complete comics geek, you might not know that, as well as swinging between tall buildings in New York and battling tentacled super-villains, Spider-Man has also been a member of the Avengers.

Due to various copyright shenanigans between the studios, Marvel have been unable to feature him in their own films.

Until now, that is.

An ensemble piece?

So… this latest chapter of the Avengers (because that’s what it is, really) will feature one hell of an ensemble of characters: Captain America, Winter Solider, Black Widow, Iron Man, The Vision, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, War Machine, The Falcon and Spider-Man. And I’m betting we’ll have at least one or two more exciting cameos. Exciting for the geeks, anyway!

I know I’ll be squirming with glee as each appears on screen, but I can’t help but wonder how a non-geek audience will react. Are there just too many characters? And will they be confused that they’re beating seven shades out of each other and not some magical super-villains? How will we learn why each hero has chosen the side they have?

This is all going to require some neat writing and some subtle expositions along the way. Comics can always start with a recap on the front page, so you can catch up. How will the writers allow the audience of this film catch up? Especially if they haven’t seen all of the other Captain America, Iron Man and Avengers films?

Well, we won’t have long to wait: it’s out on April 29th in the UK.

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