Eurovision 2016: United Kingdom

It’s been a looooong time since the UK last won the Eurovision Song Contest. In the interim, they’ve served up some award-winning crap, some decent attempts at winning and… Englebert Humperdink. Who defies categorisation.

This year’s entry is their best in a while and I think it stands a great chance of winning. It’s upbeat, catchy, devoid of tacky gimmicks and a crowd-pleaser. It’s not a typical Eurovision ballad or pop concoction. And the boys can sing (which, surprisingly, isn’t always a prerequisite for performing in this particular song contest).

The UK doesn’t have to navigate the challenging semi-final route, going straight into the final with the rest of the ‘Big 5’. This is another distinct advantage.

“But what about the political voting?!” I hear you cry.

Well, there’s nothing I can do to predict the often random Eurovision voting patterns (random, save for the annual Greece/Cyprus love-in). And it’s not always fair. But frankly, if you enter a good song, promote the hell out of it and perform well on the night, it’s the best you can do.

I’m sure lots of armchair experts will attempt to link the UK’s Eurovision points haul and the upcoming ‘Brexit’ referendum. Let’s remember that, appearances to the contrary, the Eurovision is just a song contest – albeit a massive, camp one.

Also, you can take part in the Eurovision without actually being in the EU. Or even in Europe! (Israel, Russai, Azerbaijan etc).

Best of luck to the boys on the big night. I think the UK stands an excellent chance of winning with this one – making it a lot harder for either Spain or Ireland to walk away with the gong.

But please – get rid of the ‘tache.



2 comments on “Eurovision 2016: United Kingdom

  1. Thanks for posting all these Eurovision posts, sir; I wouldn’t know *anything* about the entries if you didn’t!


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