Eurovision 2016: Finland

A combination of workload and business travel has kept me away from this blog for too long. This also means I’m way behind on my plans to share this year’s crop of Eurovision hopefuls as they are identified.

So, in no particular order, let’s move on to…Finland!

You’ll all remember (though probably with the aid of photos) how Finland last won the Eurovision. Through the spectacle that was Lordi. They’ve decided to move behind death metal and rubber masks, thankfully, and have chosen Sandhja to represent them instead.

I’ve listened to this a half-dozen times this evening and think it’s pretty good. It’s vaguely memorable and pretty upbeat – despite sounding very like another previous Eurovision entry that I can’t quite identify. Yet.

And there are times – in this performance at least – where the backing singers are a lot more impressive than Sandhja herself.

I think Finland stand a very good chance of getting into the final with this, but I’m not sure it’s a winner. As things stand, I predict it’ll lose out to both Ireland and Spain.


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