An excellent ToDoist update

The latest update to my task management app of choice – ToDoist – has brought with it something I’ve craved since the introduction of 3D Touch to the iPhone: adding new tasks via force touch.

This update might sound like a small improvement, but it’s something I’ve wanted for a while. I’ll admit I’ve been force-touching the icon each time there’s been a ToDoist update, hoping that ‘this time, it’ll work’. Well, it finally does – thanks guys!

Force-touching the ToDoist icon now brings up three options: 1) a view of the next 7 days, 2) a view of tasks due today and 3) the option to add a new task. Tapping the latter takes you straight into the ‘Add+’ screen. You can also search the contents of your ToDoist task and project database via Spotlight, putting searches just a quick swipe away.

You can see details – and demonstrations – of all the most recent ToDoist updates for iOS and Apple Watch via their latest video below:

The smoother and easier it is to enter a task into an app like this, the more likely you are to use it – at least, in my experience. Making task entry as easy as a force touch of the app’s icon is a great example of this. You remember something important and all you need to do is tap and type.

Just one more reason I like ToDoist – an elegant blend of simplicity and power. I just wish all my other iOS apps were as satisfying to use. I’m looking at you, Evernote!

2 comments on “An excellent ToDoist update

  1. Glad Todoist is working for you. I didn’t adopt it myself purely because I hate having to keep switching between apps. I wanted ONE app that would replicate a paper organiser. That is one that integrated calendars (daily, weekly,monthly), my contacts, all my notes AND numerous to-do lists/ projects all in one app. Pocket Informant has long been my “one app” solution for this – although I also use Evernote and Penultimate which it synchronises with. For me I have to allocate slots in my schedule to tackle projects, rather than see daunting, ever-expanding to-do lists.

    Todoist seems to have a lot of features and I guess it’s down to personal preferences and needs.

    BTW – With Informant, force pressing the app button open up the choice of a new event, a new to-do item or a new note. I love that!


    • I think it’s definitely down to personal preferences. The best app is the one you actually use!


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