Eurovision 2016: Spain

I’m really in two minds about this Eurovision 2016 entry from Spain. I’d like to see it do well on the night, but it needs a lot of work.

Spain have chosen Barei to sing “Say yay!” and as Spain automatically gets into the final each year, we’ll definitely see Barei singing on 14th May. But between now and then, I think you’ll agree that the performance needs fine-tuning.

For a start, those backing singers need to be taken outside and shot (metaphorically) as they really didn’t help Barei out on the night. Lots of bum notes and pretty poor timing. Similarly the song’s arrangement was lacking in bass and levels on the night over-emphasised her voice against the rest. I hope there’s a remix in the works, which should turn this into more of a crowd-pleaser and something that can be played in clubs between now and the big night.

It’s definitely catchy, but right now it’s scrappy and inconsistent. A tidy up of the arrangement and some joined up choreography (beyond Beyonce-style head-twerking) will add some much-needed polish to this.

Don’t think I’m being harsh! This is a Eurovision gem and has the potential to do well, especially as it’s sung in English. But it’ll bomb without some improvements and I’d really like to see Spain get those votes in on the night.

8/10 for Barei.

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