Confined to the couch

I’m at home, lying on the couch, feeling very sorry for myself. Thursday’s head cold has evolved into deep chills, aches, headaches and general ick. 

I’m afraid that I’ve been struck down by the dreaded man flu. 

The sum total of my day has consisted of hot drinks, podcasts, watching TV and falling asleep at the drop of a hat. 

I’ve tried to listen to John Gruber’s latest podcast three times, but I keep dozing off (no offence, Mr. Gruber). No point in trying anything else but let this one ride out its course. 

I must be better by tomorrow. Tomorrow is D-Day. Where the ‘D’ stands for Deadpool. And that cannot be missed. I just don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who coughs all the way through the film. 

1 comment on “Confined to the couch

  1. It’ll be that scene in the movie theatre where the world DIES and it’s YOUR fault! But do nip out and share your observations.


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