Not feeling so fresh

Good news! I spent last night awake and in pain.

I began to feel a little…uncomfortable…about an hour after finishing dinner. Something I’d eaten obviously wasn’t agreeing with me and the result was the kind of pain in the stomach that just takes your breath away. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t lie down.

I went to bed a little after 10pm, but was awake until midnight – at which point, I somehow fell asleep. Wide awake with the pain again just before 2am, at which point I decamped to the couch with my duvet.

What followed was an unbearable cycle of pain, dozing off, more pain, lying awake cursing my intestines and sitting up to try to feel more comfortable.

I last looked at my iPhone’s clock at 0430am this morning and was then wide awake at 0600. I estimate I’ve had about three hours sleep all night and so don’t feel particularly fresh this morning. This wouldn’t normally be a problem on a Sunday, except this morning I have to travel to Bristol to run a week-long programme for a client.

As ever, it’s only when you’re short on sleep that you really appreciate it.

And now?

Happily, the pain in my gut has subsided to a dull roar and I might even be able to snooze on the train later. But it’s still lousy timing for a day when I need to be on my game.

Putting it all into perspective, it was one night of pain and sleeplessness. On the other hand, this combination is normally a pretty reliable predictor of a seizure. Living with epilepsy means I need to keep an eye on my sleep duration and quality, as well as stress levels.

Any night without sufficient sleep leaves me uneasy and braced for a return of my epilepsy. The thing is, epilepsy doesn’t care why I didn’t sleep, it just waits for the right moment to return and smack my upside the brain. Long flights, random insomnia or just too many late nights in a row. Or a night dealing with…gastric upset.

Fingers crossed I can get myself together and avoid any unwelcome brain nonsense later on.

3 comments on “Not feeling so fresh

  1. Sorry, Lapin. I frequently sleep for shit but my low-level-cluster migraine rarely raises its head. With your work, it’s extra rough.


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