Eurovison 2016: Ireland

So we’re just under 100 days until this year’s Eurovision spectacular. Time to review the songs selected so far. And why not start with Ireland?

Why, it’s Westlife’s Nicky Byrne with ‘Sunlight’. It’s not bad. Not bad at all. Definitely Ireland’s best entry for a few years. (But remember, I’m wrong on Eurovision predictions almost every year! The last time I got it right was predicting Conchita Wurst would win for Austria. And I think that was pretty much obvious from the start due to a combination of immense talent and a superb song. This is no “Rise like a Phoenix”.)

No offence Nicky, you’ll do Ireland proud.

And if I consider the songs I’ve heard so far, Ireland’s is the stand-out winner.  The bar is extremely low to date, with a pretty dire and tuneless effort from Malta, a miserable wail from Albania and a mid-90’s Spice Girl wanna-be from Belgium.

Nicky’s rocking a bit of a Bryan Adams vibe here, both in looks and the song itself. I’ve probably heard it about six times in the last week and it’s memorable enough to sing along to. I’m not sure if that’s because it sounds like a lot of other songs, though.

It really needs to stand out to get some votes. Lot’s of camera close-ups on Nicky’s cheeky smile should help. And some exposure across Europe before the contest, too. For me, right now, this should get out of the semi-final pretty easily.

But let’s see what the next couple of months deliver in terms of the competition.

Early verdict: 7/10.

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