Day One 2.0 is coming!

My favourite journalling app for the Mac and iOS is getting an update!

In the next few weeks, the guys at Bloom are going to release a 2.0 update for Day One which has been in development for several years. This is going to include some handy bits of functionality like adding several photos to a single journal entry, maintaining multiple, separate journals and so on.

I’m really excited to see all of this come to fruition. The introduction of their own sync service last year was the start of something really big. I can’t wait for it to work with other services, so I can (for example) automatically include checkins, Facebook mentions, Tweets, fitness information and so on. All the stuff my iPhone has at its disposal could – in theory – be automatically added to my Day One journal to give me a real ‘life log’.

The update won’t be free – but how else can we expect companies to continue to produce quality software if we don’t pay for what they develop? I’ll be happy to buy my upgrade, as soon as it’s available.

If you like to keep a journal, you may like to check out Day One. Accessible on all the platforms I use (including Apple Watch!), it’s a great way to record your thoughts and experiences. I’ve previously blogged about it here and use it daily to track what’s been going on. Sometimes more than once per day, depending on the madness around me. I have a daily reminder set up in ToDoist to ensure I never (rarely!) miss a day.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to start the habit when you check out these examples uses for the app.


7 comments on “Day One 2.0 is coming!

  1. That’s a useful reminder! I used Day One in 2012/3 but then lapsed. Looking back on my entries tonight has brought back so many events and feelings that I had forgotten about. I’m going to re-start my journal tomorrow!


    • Great! I love re-reading old entries and looking at the photos, especially of holidays. Day One makes the whole thing easy.


  2. I had missed it. I have Day One but really never used it too much. It’s quality but I think having one more thing didn’t work for me THAT time 🙂


  3. stevemorton

    I’m firmly a paper journal with fountain person… future proof, it will still be readable in 20…30 years time no matter what machines are still around then. That said I do have this app, but I’ve not really used it. I might take another look and try transferring some of my paper entries in to it, together with some photos of those days.


    • I thought you’d prefer paper! I sometimes do too, but always photograph or scan really important entries in my notebook and then add them as photos to Day One. I like the fact that it’s being continually backed up. So even if I lose the paper, I have a record online.

      I’ve starting writing in my Traveller’s Notebook when out and about and some of this makes it into Day One if I think it’s something to record for the future.


  4. I hope this security problem is resolved in Day One 2.0, the previous version information was fully exposed


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