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Inaugural Five Guys visit

I finally got to enjoy a burger at Five Guys this afternoon. We popped into their Glasgow branch while out shopping and it’s safe to say I wasn’t disappointed.

A mammoth burger – I nearly had to dislocate my jaw to get it into my already ample mouth – delicious skin-on fries and a Diet Coke. Delicious and cooked to perfection. Really.

Yes, it’s not cheap. But it’s light years ahead of the cheap and nasty competition.

That, plus the calorific content of the burgers, means it’s really an occasional treat only. But definitely well worth a visit if you like a decent burger.

1 comment on “Inaugural Five Guys visit

  1. Make every bite of every burger count, because there could come a time when you can’t eat them with such impunity any more. How do I know this? I too used to enjoy the occasional ‘proper’ burger… but after 3 successive occasions in 6 months or more when eating one was associated shortly afterward with a flareup of a chronic digestive issue, I’m now disinclined to repeat the experiment a fourth time and dare only to enjoy such treats vicariously… 😦 Be warned, savour every delicious bite, and don’t take them for granted!


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