Just one or two bags…

IMG_1045.jpgA few weeks ago, @FrankDJS was reorganising the cupboard in our hallway. He kindly illustrated just how many of my bags were taking up valuable space by laying them out on the floor in front of me.

I have to admit I felt a mixture of pride and shame. After all, there are some nice bags there. But just how much have I spent on them over the years?! Between Jack Spade and Knomo, I’ve probably spent the price of a nice holiday on these things.

But I do use them. I change the bags I use regularly, depending on what I’m doing. I travel a lot and having a well-designed and comfortable bag can make all the difference. A combination of accessible backpack or day bag and carry on luggage (not pictured here!) is a must.

Then again, thanks sounds like an excuse. I admit it: I just like bags. I like all kinds of organising goods, which explains my expenditure on Japanese stationery and Filofax personal organisers. I find it hard to pass a luggage store without going in and touching the merchandise. The same applies to iPhone and iPad cases.

I can rationalise a new bag purchase faster than most men can justify another pint before home.

Which isn’t great news for either my wallet or space in our apartment. But at least they get used, right?


8 comments on “Just one or two bags…

  1. That’s quite a collection – I think you have more bags than I do, and I have, ahem, a bit of a problem with Tom Bihn…


  2. In no way a reflection on you: I have a LOVE of an old, well-worn leather satchel, briefcase, etc. same applies to leather jackets / coats. I don’t mean TRASHED but obviously well-loved.


  3. stevemorton

    Likewise… I have more bags than my wife has handbags! But mine do vary in size, I like to have my stuff in the right size bag for what ever it is I’m doing. Most of mine are adapted camera bags of one sort or another.


    • Do you think there’s a link between bags and Filofax obsession? I have too many of both!!


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