Christmas is almost here

After the appearance of Christmas food on the shelves about six months ago, the run-up to this Christmas seem to have lasted far too long. And then yesterday, all of a sudden, it hit me: Christmas is this Friday.

Why does this always happen?

I’m not unprepared. All gifts have been bought, travel arrangements made and the work-related to-do list has been ticked into oblivion. It’s just that the last few weeks of December seemed to have evaporated somehow.

It’s not as if I didn’t have any warning. TV ads have trumpeted the urgency of seasonal shopping at me since about mid-August. Friends and family have talked about little else for about a month. Yet only this morning do I feel any way ‘Christmassy’.

With a half day of work to complete, I tore through tasks, completing three conference presentations, a project plan, some 2016 planning and some reading. All by lunchtime.

I also packed my suitcase for our Christmas in Holland, generously finished off the household supplies of both pastrami and mince pies (which were started at breakfast, incidentally – that’s how Christmassy I am today).

All that’s left is to get my arse over to Paddington to meet @FrankDJS, get the Heathrow Express out to the airport and fly (more accurately, be flown) to Amsterdam.

But in my head, Christmas is finally here. I’ve packed my iPad and Kindle full of entertainment, pressed pause on my work-brain and truly switched off.

3 comments on “Christmas is almost here

  1. It hasn’t felt so much like Christmastime to me due to the dark cloud of the last few months, now a bit worse for a position but a position in hell. Still. There’s a lot to feel grateful for and I’ll be happy to see the ass-end of 2015.

    Scrooge that I am this year. I mean, I have twigs out as gifts–granted, artfully arranged but shee-it. (I know you love that term)


  2. ethnicolor

    That’s some serious productivity going on! Must be nice not to be interrupted every 45 seconds; or how do you do it? Enjoy the holidays!


    • Working in my study at home helps! That and the Pomodoro technique. Nothing like focused sprints if work to get things done.


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