Really, really plug and play…

Last week, I set up an ‘old’ Apple TV and an ‘old’ Chromecast in my parents’ house. Each took about 10 minutes, most of which was downloading apps. My folks can now watch their Netflix content on any of their TVs, accessed via apps on their iPads and iPhones.

This afternoon, I remembered I also have an ‘old’ Chromecast, stuck into the back of the wall-mounted TV in my study. I rarely even turn this TV on as its screen is smaller than the iMac sitting right next to it.

But I turned it on and reactivated the Chromecast in seconds – and now I’m quite happily watching video podcasts on the TV while I catch up on some work on my iMac. (The always excellent Gina Trappani on ‘This Week in Google’)

I also discovered (I admit, I’m slow on the uptake here) that I can stream tabs from the Chrome browser on my iMac to the TV, via the Chromecast. I’m yet to think of a use case for this, but it’s nevertheless pretty cool.

Multi-media streaming is finally easy to use.

@FrankDJS installed our ‘new’ Apple TV a few weeks ago and I’ve been blown away by its ease of use from day one. Controlling it with verbal commands, scrolling using a touchpad on the remote and accessing media content from another room with a bare minimum of set-up time.

Tempted to experiment?

Well the old model Chromecast can be had for just a few pounds where it’s still available (less than £20 on eBay) while the new model is just £25. You don’t have to be an ‘Android’ household, as their are Chromecast apps available for iOS too. You just need a TV with an HDMI port and a home wifi signal and you’re good to go. In just 5minutes, you could be streaming YouTube videos to your home TV.

Happy streaming!

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