Making bucket list progress

Several moths ago, I made a list of things I’d like to do before I’m 40. My very own ‘bucket list’.

Purely arbitrary, nothing to do with impending death. I need to emphasise that – every time I mention a bucket list, people think I’m about to share some very sad news about my health.

Not so.

I just find that I get more done when I have some targets, and this applies in my personal life just as much as it does at work. In hindsight, calling it a bucket list may have been misleading…


I’ve made some progress and am about to make some more. Let’s recap on what I was aiming for:

  • Take the sleeper train to Scotland
  • Go camping (anywhere!)
  • Write a book (fiction or otherwise)
  • Start my own business
  • Visit Iceland
  • Work Naked Bike Ride in London
  • Record a podcast
  • Go hiking somewhere in the UK
  • Spend a long weekend in Paris
  • Visit the Finnish Sauna in London
  • A weekend spa visit to Bath
  • Visit Venice

A lot of travel, right? I love it.

Well, in addition to getting my own business up and running last September, I co-founded another. But just one tick. I’m not changing the rules now.

I also had an excellent weekend in Bath in January which included a superb visit to the Thermae Spa. I’m a sucker for a hot spring, whether in Japan or not. We also managed a long weekend in Paris – my first non-business trip to Paris for about a decade. In February, we went to Iceland, which was truly gorgeous. Definitely somewhere I’ll visit again. Aside from the stunning scenery, the people were a delight.

I sadly missed the World Naked Bike Ride in London. And quite frankly, it’s now far too cold to do anything outdoors naked. I’m obviously a fair-weather naturist.  Maybe next year….

Another tick is on the way! I’ve booked myself a one-way ticket on the Caledonian Sleeper to Edinburgh. So I’ll be taking a sleeper train to Scotland. It doesn’t leave London until after 11pm, so frankly my main goal will be staying awake for a while.

I got a First Class private sleeper – the thought of sharing with a stranger was just too weird, even for me. I just imagined a James Bond-style battle to the death, just like in ‘From Russia with Love’. So I get a private space, as well as dinner in the lounge.

Really, really looking forward to the experience.

Given the fact it’s virtually December, and I turn 40 in February, I need to look for some quick wins to move this list along. I reckon I can get to the Finnish Sauna just across the Thames no problem.

As for the rest… well, I have recorded a podcast. Of sorts. It was a live webinar for work that we recorded and shared for offline listening. No, I won’t be making it public here as hearing it still makes my skin crawl. But I have added a podcasting kit to my Xmas wishlist and I think I might record a few words and a jingle to cross ‘podcast’ off the list.

Less than three months to go.

Let’s see what I can manage.

5 comments on “Making bucket list progress

  1. Shame you’re only able to get to Edinburgh. For me the best bit of the sleeper is waking up, rolling up the blind and finding you’re pounding up the side of Loch Lomond or trundling across Rannoch Moor. It’s also disorientating as you find you’ve been going backwards (the train reverses at Waverley Station).

    I did once go naked through Birmingham New Street Station. However I was stood looking out of the window (tinted!) of a sleeper train at 5am on a Sunday morning…


    • Yep – hopping off at Edinburgh for a couple of business meetings, then on to Dunfermline to see family. If the journey works, I’ll try the sleeper again and next time, go further north.


  2. Clearly volunteering at the naked bike ride, sleeping outdoors and walking back and forth to the toilets can knock out 3 of those.


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