I touched an iPad Pro (and I liked it)

Despite everything I wrote on Friday, I found myself holding an iPad Pro in my own two hands yesterday afternoon. I had reserved an adaptor for my Macbook at a local Dixons and amazingly, when I went to collect the adaptor, they had an iPad Pro in stock.

Surely just touching one couldn’t hurt?

The chap from Dixons helpfully unhooked one for me so I could pick it up and use it for a few minutes. So, my review of the device after less than five minutes of intense use, is that:

  • It’s lighter than I’d imagined and a lot lighter than it looks
  • The screen is glorious – impossibly bright and clear
  • It’s super-fast and incredibly responsive

I didn’t get to use an Apple Pencil – they didn’t have one in stock – and that seems to be the “killer” functionality that will set the iPad Pro apart from its rivals (Apple and non-Apple alike). I really wanted to have a scribble on the screen and see if – as all the adverts suggest – it would instantly turn me into a world-class digital artist.

Thinking about what I use an iPad for now, the Pro would be excellent for watching movies and TV shows. The screen is phenomenal. It would also be good for games, though I’m not sure I’d like others to see me play Candy Crush that badly, that publicly.

But for blogging and other forms of writing, I’d need a physical keyboard and, based on what’s available right now, I’d go with an Apple bluetooth keyboard. Not one of the cases Apple and others are selling. These just seem to add bulk and weight. And a nice case like this one from Pad & Quill would be a more practical option.

But hold on a second… why am I talking about potential use cases and keyboard options? The decision was “no buy”. What’s changed?

Well, nothing really. Except I purposefully touched one and now I’m a victim of Apple’s reality distortion field. In fact, while in store, I actually asked about which models they had available, which is basically the first step of any Apple-related purchase. After being told they didn’t have any 128GB models (the only sensible option, I feel), I actually felt a mix of disappointment tinged with relief.

A dangerous emotional combination, indicative of future purchase intentions.

I’m still wondering how I would have dealt with the response “Why yes, we have several 128GB models in the back of the store. Shall I get one for you?”

I’m going to have to stay well away from iPad Pro displays for the foreseeable future to avoid any unpleasantness.

12 comments on “I touched an iPad Pro (and I liked it)

  1. stevemorton

    Slippery slope…. and you aren’t fighting to stop sliding hard enough… 🙂


    • I hear you! I’ve found the cure for this – all I had to do was check my credit card balance from he trip to Japan! Simples.


  2. I couldn’t resist. I now have a giant frickin 128gb iPad. However after a day marvelling at the screen, the sound and the speed, I wanted my iPad mini back. My iPad mini is a better tablet, my 12″ MacBook is a better laptop…. I can’t see where it will fit into any of my workflows. (If only I was an artist, maybe the pencil would save it?)

    Think this may be be 2nd Apple device returned in as many weeks. (Apple TV was the other) perhaps Apple is losing its edge for me?


    • Why did you return the Apple TV? I love mine.


      • I already own an Amazon Fire TV and hoped the AirPlay feature of the Apple TV was going to be more useful. However the lack of an Amazon Prime app currently made me have 2nd thoughts. I might try again if they ever update the text entry system and all apps start using the Siri APIs.


        • Ah! Yes, frustrating Amazon Prime isn’t available. We have it built in as an app in smart TV. Everything else we do through Apple TV.


  3. RedEaredRabbit

    I give you two weeks max 😉


  4. All these years, you’ve only needed the right brush to be Renoir!


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