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Back in the Huel habit

After weeks of slipping into bad habits (skipping breakfast, sometimes lunch too), I got back into my Huel habit again this morning.

Two scoops of Huel, a couple of teaspoons of matcha green tea I brought back from Tokyo, a banana and a good serving (yeah, I’m pretty vague when it comes to measurements) of almond milk… It set me up perfectly and I’m full as full can be.

Naturally, it was preceded by a couple of shots of Nespresso to get my brain/heart started. That’s one habit I’m unlikely to drop any time soon.

2 comments on “Back in the Huel habit

  1. I’ve been doing green smoothies almost daily again, hoping for less crud. Then I caught the crud. Stoopid fruits and vegetables.


    • You obviously require more caffeine in addition to fruit and veg. Caffeine cures everything. (Hope you’re feeling better soon!)


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