Still no iPad Pro

Yup. Haven’t budged. Still haven’t bought an iPad Pro. And to be honest, I’m not likely to.

I’ve watched countless video reviews, read thousands of words of written reviews and listened to hours (quite literally) of podcasts focused on the iPad Pro and it still strikes me as an interesting concept that’s… just not for me.

The display looks gorgeous and it seems lightning fast. It’s just… so big. Like, stupidly big. Too big to bring out of the house. I’ve already got an iPad Air 2 which serves as an excellent laptop  replacement / entertainment centre and an iPad mini which is perfect for just chucking in my bag. I have no need for a significantly larger iPad.

Frankly, I don’t have the arm muscles for a significantly larger iPad. And what if I fell asleep while reading, holding it above my face. The carnage if I dropped it!

I still haven’t actually touched one. and if I’m honest, I’m worried that if I see one in the flesh, my hands will move towards my wallet. I’ll be taken in by the reality distortion field that permeates all Apple Stores and somehow rationalise the purchase to myself.

So. I’m going to avoid Apple Stores for the next few months, until this dangerous period has passed.

Also: what the hell was Apple doing launching this new iPad, but making people wait another month for the Apple Pencil? It’s the best bit!

If you’re interested in reading the ultimate iPad Pro review, check this one out, courtesy of the always-excellent Federico Viticci. Federico’s a fan, but I have to say, he’s in the minority when it comes to positive reviews.

Most other commentators seem to be saying “Yes, but…”



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