What a fantastic idea!

Spotted this on my way into Warrington Bank Quay station this evening (I live the high life, right?): A dock where you can rent a Brompton

It says “£2.50 a day”, which sounds like an absolute bargain to me! Not sure how popular it is or how widely used in the local area – but how cool, right?

Anything that increases access to these nifty little bikes is alright in my book. Especially if you haven’t got hundreds of pounds to buy one.

2 comments on “What a fantastic idea!

  1. I’ve a friend who uses that when in Warrington. (Trains from Yorkshire arrive at Warrington Central but it operates there too). You have to be a member of the scheme first which costs £20. You then pay £2.50 per day to hire a bike. If you don’t go to sunny Warrington often, you can just pay £1 membership and £5 to hire your bike.

    I wish more councils operated such schemes as taking your own bike by UK train can be a pain.


    • Bike hire schemes are a great idea! They need to be publicised and made as accessible as possible. I’ve never brought my Brompton anywhere on the train, as I usually have too much luggage to travel by bike in the first place.


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