Australia returns to the Eurovision

Last year’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest wasn’t a one-off, it seems. The EBU has announced that Australia is going to compete in 2016 too, but they’ll have to get through one of the semi-final competitions first.

History was made in Vienna earlier this year when Australia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest. Initially envisaged as a one-off to celebrate the event’s 60th anniversary and Australia’s long tradition of broadcasting the show, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Australian broadcaster SBS are proud to announce that Australia will participate again in 2016.

They did very, very well last year and you have you wonder: could they win it? And would it be hosted in Australia as a result? Or, more likely, would the BBC host it for them?

Next year’s Eurovision will take place in Stockholm, with semi-finals on 10th and 12th May. The final takes place on 14th May. Does this represent the start of my countdown to Eurovision 2016?

Yes. Yes it does.

Here’s a reminder of last year’s Australian Eurovision entry:


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