Review: Steve Jobs

I’ve just come back from watching Steve Jobs and to be honest, it was a bit of a downer.

I read the Walter Isaacson biography of Jobs as soon as it came out, though it was so depressing, it took me about six months to finish it.

I like my Apple prodcuts as much as the next guy (okay, maybe slighty more), but I’m under no illusions as to Steve Jobs’ legendary management style. So I went into this film expecting to see some of his classic narcissim and obsession over detail.

Actually, most of the focus is on a very small cast of characters, including his much-neglected daughter. Basically set against the backdrop of three major computer launches, the film charts Jobs’ developing into quite a nasty character, how he alienates most of the people in his life and how he wrestles Apple back from John Scully (played by Jeff Daniels).

No iPhones here

If you’re expecting to learn all about how the iPhone and iPad were invented, you’ll be disappointed. The movie only goes as far as the launch of the iMac. But this isn’t a tech-oriented film – it just centres on someone whose life was in tech.

Fassbender is impressive as Jobs, but morphs into something of a Bond villain towards the end. Though if the stories about Jobs’ behaviour are only in part true, this is probably a fair approach to take.

It was enjoyable, but not exactly historically correct. I tried to ignore the various departures from the records and focus on the performances. Fassbender and Kate Winslet (as marketing executive Joanna Hoffman) are the stars here. Seth Rogan’s Steve Wozniak is painful…

Just make sure you have something cheerful to look forward to aftwards.

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