iPad Pro… maybe?

The iPad Pro goes on sale in the UK today and I’m really not that interested in getting one. I know, I know. We’ve been here before. But I’ve thought about it long and hard since it was announced and I can’t think how it would be of use to me.

Aside from looking beautiful and having a wonderful display, the thing is enormous. I sometimes find my iPad Air 2 a little big. Sometimes. I’m also not its target market, in that I don’t do graphic design. If I want to scribble on my tablet, I’ll use Evernote (now that you can sketch in notes).

Thirdly, it’s insanely expensive. I don’t want to splash out for something that I’m not even sure I’ll use. I have no need for a laptop replacement like this as a) I already have an iPad Air with a keyboard which is great for writing on the go and b) I also have a Macbook for more intensive work.

So while I’ll definitely have a look at one and almost certainly ooh and ahh at its display and pencil in the Apple Store, there’s no way right now that I can justify getting one.

In fact, I’m wondering how many other people also think it’s great, but it’s just not for them. Might Apple have an iPad flop on its hands? (The horror!)

If the next iPad Air comes with the same screen technology as the iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil and a useful keyboard, I’m in. But this iPad Pro is just too much.

Literally and metaphorically.

2 comments on “iPad Pro… maybe?

  1. I’m sure you said something similar about the iPhone 6S Plus a few hours before that went on sale….


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