Photo library memories…

So, the great photo upload of 2015 continues – we’re down to about 12,000 photos remaining – and I’m struck by just how many excellent and happy memories are contained in these pictures.

It’s underlined for me how important it is to back up these photos in more than one place. And maybe it’s age, but I’m enjoying looking at old photos more than ever right now! Last night, I lay on the couch and scrolled through our travels through Portugal and Spain, Canada and California and some really enjoyable Queen’s Day weekends in Amsterdam.

And then there were the photos of babies who are now toddlers and older. Seeing how they’ve developed and grown is amazing. That, and the various faces they’ll pull when they know someone is trying to take a photo.

And the faces of those people who are no longer here.

I also stumbled across a ton of photos I actually forgot I had; taken on the day of my doctoral graduation. At the time, I thought I’d never forget the details, but it took a wander through he photos to remind me of what happened (including the fact that I was announced among the class of educational psychologists, not occupational psychologists… the horror!).

I’m thinking an occasional dip into the library might give me the inspiration for memory-related blog posts. “This reminds me of the time when…” So many specific memories – food, flights, conversations, sunshine – came flooding back as I flipped through the photos that it would be crazy not to use them as a writing resource.

I can definitely recommend Google Photos. It’s now completely separate from Google+ (if that was an issue for you previously) and allows you to upload unlimited numbers of photos. It also occasionally automatically creates some really creative panoramas and ‘movies’ for you. It backs up photos from your iPhone or iPad (or, of course, the Android device of your choice!) so you never lose an image.

Anyway, I’m checking in on progress every so often, and regularly getting dragged down memory lane. And it’s very, very enjoyable.

Thanks, Google!

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