Talk about awkward baby photos…

I’m in the process of uploading a massive photo library to Google Photos, as it’s free and a handy back-up for sharing. Checking in now and then (only 22,000 or so photos to go – no exaggeration) and feeling more than a little awkward about some of the pics of me from a decade ago.

The only upside? Realising that I now weight significantly less than I did then. All thanks no regular exercise and a total absence of alcohol from my life (thanks epilepsy!)

And I smile in photos a lot more now. 😀

1 comment on “Talk about awkward baby photos…

  1. Yeah. Having no job meant more DRINKING TIME for Sister. By Sister, I don’t mean Sis. I’m Sister. I’ve been way more active but my delicious home cooking — ‘on tap’ 24/7 and no worries about morning alarm clocks=flab.

    You’re healthier a decade on and that’s a Good Thing!


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