Spectre? Meh.

I love a good James Bond movie. I’ve seem them all, multiple times. I’m a tad obsessed, actually. I’ve been known to have heated arguments about the merits of the various Bonds, their weapons and gadgets and even the soundtracks. So I was really looking forward to finally seeing Spectre this weekend.

It was… just okay. It was brilliant in parts, slightly okay for the most part. Not all that memorable and some quite creaky performances. You could almost tell Daniel Craig has had enough.

Some great references to the older films (no spoilers, I promise – but you’ll see them if you keep your eyes open), a wrapping-up of the Daniel Craig Bond “story” so far, combined with a very ambiguous ending, mean I think it might be a while before we next see Bond on the big screen. And it’ll almost certainly be a different actor in the lead role.

It was definitely better than Quantum of Solace, but not a patch on Skyfall or Casino Royale. Not a terrible movie, but not a great one either. Which is a shame.

(I just hope I don’t leave the next Star Wars instalment with the same sense of ‘meh’).

Probably the worst part of the entire experience this evening was the Sam Smith theme tune. It puts new meaning into the word ‘dirge’. I don’t get why he’s so popular. His falsetto screeching is painful and the song itself was obviously written over a single cup of tea.

Really letting the side down when it comes to Bond theme tunes. Even Madonna’s effort sounds good by comparison.

Bottom line: if you’re a Bond fanatic, go and see this in the cinema. Brace yourself for some mild disappointment. If you don’t know your Q from your M, wait until it’s out on DVD.

Oh. And if you were the Chinese gentleman sitting across the aisle from me, shouting into your mobile phone and rustling at least a half-dozen plastic bags during tonight’s film: I hope your genitals get ripped from your body in a very nasty industrial accident.

2 comments on “Spectre? Meh.

  1. I was chuffed whe the trailer 1st came out and while I like those baby blues, I’m already over even wanting to see it.

    Gawd! I’m so old.

    I grew up loving them all-shit, man, even View To A Kill (in my defence, Grace Jones is so freaking awesome, that’s the only part I recall now) when it came out. I think the I only saw the one with Craig in the theatre…not that it out me off, just sort of over it.

    That said, I saw there’s supposed to be a brand new Star Trek TV!!! But it looked like perhaps some dodgy release, like CBS’ version of HBO Now?

    Gots meh worried…


    • I’m trying to remain positive about Star Trek… That news was the highlight of my day yesterday!


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