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Is nothing sacred?!

I write this tongue firmly in cheek, yet…

I popped into M&S this evening, to gather a hastily-assembled dinner. Plans to eat out were abandoned when @Frankdjs came come from work very ill earlier today. So, like the god husband I am, I gamely set off in search of sustenance to keep us going.

Bear in mind, I still hadn’t eaten all day, save for a Reese’s peanut butter cup earlier in the afternoon.

Aside from the folly of going into M&S on a (nearly) empty stomach on a Friday night, I was struck by their complete and utter disdain for the seasonal nature of some of my favourite foodstuffs.

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves. For this evening, here in Canary Wharf, M&S are selling – at the same time – hot cross buns and mince pies.

It. Is. October.

Yes, I’ve already complained about mince pies appearing on the shelves too early. They’re for Christmas. And the weeks approaching it, natch. But hot cross buns are for Easter. Which is either quite a few months ago or quite a few months yet to come, depending on your chronological perspective.

Either way, this is the culinary equivalent of crossing the streams of Ghostbusters’ proton packs. It’s just not a good idea. It confuses people like me, for a start. Okay, so I didn’t think it was April (or March, or whenever the hell Easter is…) but I did quite literally stop in my tracks to look at the mince pies stacked so closely to the hot cross buns.

All I was missing was some nasty Halloween ‘treats’ and I would have had the trifecta of holiday food. (Yes, I’m aware there are other holidays). And here I sit, typing only slightly ironically about the whole thing, mentally kicking myself for buying neither hot cross buns nor mince pies.

What was I thinking?!

1 comment on “Is nothing sacred?!

  1. Ooo! That’s just wrong. I will allow early mincemeat but cannot have FREAKING EASTER foods now.

    And you know, American, eater, believes in everything cos MORE but Auntie has to stomp her wee sabot.


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