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Never too early

I just popped out to my local M&S for some comfort food (I have to be up at 0430 tomorrow morning to catch a flight to Barcelona for work, so I thought I deserved it. Judge all you like) and was stopped in my tracks by a sight I really didn’t think I’d witness on Oct 1st. 

Mince pies.

M&S is selling Mince pies and it’s only turned October. I couldn’t even see any Halloween tat. You can normally spot the orange-coloured Halloween sweets and assorted rubbish before the Christmas stuff hits the shelves. 

Is this a record?

I’m actually quite conflicted, as there are few things more lovely in the world than an M&S mince pie. Especially when hot and sitting next to a big cup of coffee. I do not claim to be anything but a simple chap. And a hot mince pie (or two… or three) with coffee is as simple as it gets. 

But really, if I start buying mince pies this early in the year, I’ll be in need of stomach-stapling by the time Christmas actually rolls around. This awkward scenario requires willpower. An hour ago, I didn’t even consider mince pies as an option.    

Now? They’re all I can think about. And if I buy a box of six, I’ll be eating them all alone. And that’s verging on gluttony. 

But what is an acceptable date to start eating Christmas food…?

And is this obsession with the timing of Christmas food in the shops just another sign that I’m turning into a very old man?

5 comments on “Never too early

  1. I must confess that I’ve been keeping an eye out for the mincemeat jar I tried (suspiciously, as I grew up making it the olden way with meat, apples & sundries). It was fantastic with the bonus of only requiring a homemade (glutenless) crust.

    I say enjoy them as much as possible!


  2. stevemorton

    And the best before date would most probably be some time in early December!


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