iPhone 6S Plus: a quick review


My iPhone 6 S Plus arrived on Friday afternoon, while I was at work. I might be getting old, but once I got the text confirming it had been delivered, I managed to somehow put it out of my head and continue working until it was time to get home.

I think had a really short window to get it set up before I had to leave for a flight to Edinburgh. I could have left it boxed until I get back from Scotland last night, but… yeah right. No way. I couldn’t have survived the weekend knowing I had a brand new iPhone waiting for me at home.

So I did what I could. I set it up using a backup from iCloud, which took an age  to download. But once it did, we were off and running. A few key observations since I started using it at 6pm last Friday:

  • It’s heavy. Or at least it’s heavier than its predecessor, especially when you hold one in each hand. (Insert smutty joke here). The difference, when compared directly, is definitely noticeable. But after a couple of hours of just using the new phone, I completely forgot and it was no longer an issue.
  • Touch ID is now lightning fast. So fast that I wasn’t sure it was actually working. The phone seems to unlock just as soon as I touch the home button. A significant improvement over the Touch ID on the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • In fact, the phone is overall much faster than the iPhone 6 Plus. You can tell it has some extra oomph under the hood. Absolutely no lag on any apps I’ve used so far.
  • 3D Touch is interesting. I really need to spend some time uncovering all the various shortcuts, but with some practice, it’s finally becoming intuitive. Not all Apple apps have a 3D Touch shortcut, but I can see this being a great addition to the iOS user interface in the coming months. On the other hand, it makes it more difficult to then move to an iPad that doesn’t have 3D Touch. A minor gripe in the scheme of things.
  • Live photos are fun, but you can’t really do much with them in terms of sharing. Yet. Let’s see if they take off in a big way once Facebook and Twitter animate them for people you want to share them with.
  • I know it’s not strictly limited to this phone, but I was really disappointed to see that Apple News wasn’t included in iOS 9 for those of us in the UK. I’m hoping it’s just a minor commercial matter with the British press (hah!) and there won’t be too much of a delay. Apple News like a personalised and efficient way to peruse the news (I think I’m going to copyright that… it has a ring to it). Like Flipboard, but better? Or like Flipboard, but exactly the same…?

Anyway, so far so good. The phone is definitely living up to expectations.


2 comments on “iPhone 6S Plus: a quick review

  1. stevemorton

    This Apple news omission.. Have you noticed the news stories that come up as Siri Suggestions if you swipe to the left hand page where you find recent apps, contacts etc

    Is that Apple news?


    • Hi Steve, unfortunately not. That’s just a new stream (which I can’t control and is full of awful tabloid content much of the time!). Apple News is a standalone app, which looks a lot like Flipboard. Curated news content which is set out a lot like a magazine.


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