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Last night an Apple Watch saved my life…

No, not really. But I liked this story about a teen whose strange heart rate readings from his Apple Watch meant he got it checked out by medical professionals, ultimately saving his life.

Doctors later diagnosed Houle with rhabdomyolysis, a syndrome linked to muscle injury. It occurs when muscle tissue breaks down and releases proteins into the bloodstream that can interfere with kidney, lung, and heart functions, as it did in this case. The overexertion due to two practices on the first day of training was likely too much of a strain on the unconditioned muscles, which caused them to break down.

While this story may be a bit of an outlier, I think the core message is an interesting one: how modern wearable devices can draw out attention to our beahviour and our health with more accuracy and more detail. 

I know I’m not the only person who obeys the “stand up” command coming from my Apple Watch on a pretty regular basis. I also know I’m not the only Apple Watch owner who checks their progress on the activity app and walks a little more each day in order to beat my own targets. 

Is it turning me into an Olympian? Not at all. Is it making me more aware of my sedentary work day and encouraging me to get more exercise? Yes, I think it is. Do you need an Apple Watch for this? Not at all. But I think it makes it all a lot easier. 

Speaking of which: it’s after 9am on a Saturday and I’ve barely moved from this iPad since I woke up. Time to get going…

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