Inevitable iPhone 6s Plus flip-flop

Pre-orders for the new iPhones went live at 8am London time this morning. I happened to be awake and was listening to a podcast and wandering through the bottomless pit of snark that is Twitter when I saw a couple of tweets mentioning the Apple Store.

I suddenly remember that iPhone pre-orders were live this morning. Based on my reflections after the Apple event earlier this week, I had decided to avoid this upgrade cycle and keep my iPhone 6 Plus for now.

And yet… there was a nagging doubt at the back of my mind that I should probably think this over one more time.

I had 40mins to make up my mind, as I knew I had to be in the store and pre-ordering at 8am or I would have to wait weeks. I weighed it up in my mind, did some more research online and eventually…decided to upgrade my iPhone 6 Plus for an iPhone 6S Plus.


After my public pronouncement that I wouldn’t, why did I shell out full-whack, un-subsidised hundreds of pounds for a new phone? (Not that I’ve ever been very consistent regarding tech in the past anyway – remember my foray in to the world of Android?)

I think it boils down to this. The iPhone is such a central tool in my daily life – professional and personal – that any incremental upgrade is worth the price. I’ll tell you very clearly what I’m not attracted to: the various photo-related upgrades or 3D Touch. They’re nice, but they’re not what tipped me over the line and into a purchase.

For me, this is about the faster processing power and the better camera. I multi-task with the phone constantly and use the camera incessantly. And not always on pictures of my meals or narcissistic selfies! I use my iPhone daily to scan documents and hand-written notes on the go.

Any gains on processing speed and image clarity are worth it to me. I’m also glad it looks like (though needs confirmation) that I won’t need to replace my existing iPhone cases when the new one arrives on September 25th.

It doesn’t end there

And to add insult to injury (to my wallet), I’ve been seriously considering upgrading my iPad Air for an iPad Air 2 with cellular connection. Why? Well, I took the Air out of mothballs the other day and used it as a laptop replacement for work. It was perfect.

Combined with a ultralight physical keyboard, I was able to do everything I wanted to do on a laptop: take meeting notes in Evernote, check and respond to email, look up stuff on the web, check calendar, directions via Google Maps etc. The screen was glorious and bright, very usable in the sun and a relief from the occasional squint I have to give the screen on my iPad Mini.

And all carried round in my Knomad, removing the need for a bag. Very light, very minimal. I definitely couldn’t survive without a bag when on one of my week-long business trips, but for a day away from the home office, it was perfect.

I need to do a little more research on the iPad Air 2, but I think it’s a likely purchase.

So what’s the lesson here, kids? Never believe me when I say I’m not going to upgrade a piece of Apple kit. Though of course, I’m sticking to my promise not to buy an iPad Pro. Definitely.

Almost certainly.

(Check back in November to see if I managed to avoid getting one)

4 comments on “Inevitable iPhone 6s Plus flip-flop

  1. That’s what they call the power of marketing!
    ps: how much for your old iPhone 6 Plus and ancient iPad Air?


  2. “I had to be in the store and pre-ordering at 8am or I would have to wait weeks”

    Actually, I’ve just checked (6pm UK time) and they’re still offering 25th September delivery. Maybe (as I suspect) the minor changes to the 6 and 6 Plus have not caused too much over excitement among us – the consuming masses. I do suspect a lot of folk like me – just out of iPhone 5 contract – will be upgrading before Christmas. I’m now pondering if it’s better to buy an unlocked version from Apple rather than a package deal from a network provider (in my case O2)? It’s s lot of money to shell out upfront!


    • It is a lot of money to shell out, but I’ve bought my last few unlocked and sold them (in very good condition) for more than a locked version.

      And often, the cost of getting one from a mobile operator is much more expensive in the long run, especially for two year contracts. Depends on the model you want, obviously. If you’re in no rush, then maybe do some sums and see what’s better in the long run.

      (I wonder if there’ll be many of the new pink ones left on the shelves… I’m definitely not a fan)


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