Apple event comedown…


Every time Apple has an event, I’m glad products aren’t ready for immediate release. Otherwise, there’d be a lot more impulse buying and a lot more remorse in this household. Yesterday’s (epically long) event was prime example.

Just under twelve hours ago, I was so keen to part with my hard-earned money to buy everything they were pushing. Now, after some sleep, I’m a little more reticent to pony up for all this new technology. And here’s why:

iPhone 6s Plus: Aside from being an awkward mouthful to say, I’m really not sure the upgrade is significant enough for me to splash out and replace my iPhone 6 Plus. It has some nice features, including the happily-renamed force touch (now 3D Touch, which is a lot lest unpleasant) and an improved camera. I’m usually waving my wallet at the screen, but yesterday’s announcement left me a little cold. My existing phone is just great and I’m not feeling the urge to part with it. Yet.

I have to admit that may change in the coming weeks, but I’m determined to wait until iOS 9 is available, installed and in use for a while before I make a final decision. This is one phone I might need to play with in-store before buying. Unlike all my other iPhones…

iPad Pro: I was very “meh”, then uber-exicted, then confused about this one. I love the idea of a bigger screen and a stylus. Absolutely love it. But then reality hit me. I’m always trying to reduce the volume of stuff I carry around with me and right now, I’m using an iPad Mini every day. Most of my stuff fits into a Knomad Mini. Don’t think the iPad Pro is really for carting around in a backpack for when you want to read some comics or watch some TV. Is it?

I have visions of it sitting gracefully on an artist’s worktop, covered in beautiful art. Not on my lap, covered in the latest issue of “Secret Wars”. Again, I’m not convinced I would get enough use out of it. A beautiful screen and a wonderful interface tool, but maybe not practical or even needed.

Apple TV: Now this, I want. In fact, I want two: one for the living room and one for our bedroom. Right now, we have an existing Apple TV in each and it gets used daily. This announcement was exactly what I was hoping for. An easier and faster interface, Siri integration and gaming. Sure, I have a few remaining questions, but nothing serious. I’d buy two this instant if they were available. Thank you, Apple – you really delivered on this one.

So, very surprisingly (for me, at least), Apple TV came out on top of the announcements. It’s such a massive upgrade from the present model, with such great functionality (games! voice control!) that for me at least, it’s a no-brainer.

And, really interestingly, the things I’m most looking forward to in the coming weeks are iOS 9 and Watch OS 2.0 – both free upgrades.

12 comments on “Apple event comedown…

  1. Following your lead, I found myself watching the Apple presentation for the first time. Yes, it was two solid hours of almost evangelical self-promotion, but it was also easy to convince yourself of the need to go out and buy all these things! I quickly calculated that with a new Mac, I needed to find around £5000. It was only at bedtime that my 15 year old daughter caught me on the Apple website (I guess it could have been worse!) and asked me why I needed another iPad? Her logic was that my existing one (an ancient – 2012 – iPad 2) does almost everything I need and will still work with iOS9 – so why spend hundreds replacing it with a bigger and heavier one? And would I carry the iPad Pro in my backpack on a day’s hike? Nope. So it would be left on my desk with my new Mac? Yep. She’s right that if I was an architect or a salesman out all day with clients, the iPad Pro could be useful. But I’m not.

    I later used her same teenage logic and by the time I fell asleep had pruned my expenditure right back. I’m still going to buy my first Mac (probably an 11″ Air despite your excellent MacBook reviews) and will upgrade from my iPhone 5 to 6s Plus (definitely your fault). However, I’ll wait a while before buying the IPad mini 4. The iPad Pro is off the list. I can do without Apple TV, so that just leaves the jury out on the Apple Watch….


    • I’ve created a monster! 😉

      I think we’re on the same page on the iPad Pro. It would simply spend most time on my home office desk….directly next to the significantly bigger screen of an iMac. It’s beautiful, but not needed right now.

      Let me know how you get on with the 6S Plus – am looking forward to reading the reviews once it’s been out a while.


  2. I’m still unsure about the larger iPhones due to wee lady hands and that my 6 can fit into a lady pocket (much smaller than gents’). Otherwise, I’m all for an s+ next time.

    I really do have a hard time holding mine in hand on a walk even and that’s w/o a massive safety cover, as most ppl use. I keep only a skin on mine so that I can hold it!


    • I love the form factor of the 6 Plus, but I know it’s not for everyone. Actually, I don’t know anyone else who owns one… Most people I know went for the 6. Ans are going for the 6s, not the plus next time.


      • I’ve seen women with the Plus and at 1st thought it was a Tab! So, I know ladies buy them…I would love to have a larger device for my poor eyes but dropsies don’t sound fun.


        • I hear you. I dropped mine off the cross trainer in the gym the other evening. Was watching a video podcast, accidentally caught the headphones cable with my hand and sent it flying.

          It was fine. But my heart stopped for an eternity while it flew.


          • I’m seeing some Keystone Cops action here. Scary! My old Nokia brick phone? That thing got dropped all the time and the battery would come off the back! I kept it forever and when I finally got a flip phone, I was retroactively embarrassed for hanging on to that heavy thing but MAN, it could take a hit.


            • I looked a lot like someone from a silent movie alright. Very awkward and embarrassing and the one other guy in our gym winced as he saw me fumble. All good in the end, though 🙂


  3. stevemorton

    I will be upgrading my Apple TV, I like they have updated the remote control to bluetooth, so it can now be tucked away behind the tv and doesn’t have to be ‘in view’ all the time.


    • Yep – am definitely upgrading ours. And I’m not ashamed to say I’m looking forward to playing games on it too. 🙂


      • stevemorton

        Pity they have removed the digital audio output, using the audio from the TV instead of direct is not as good, especially music as I will have to have the TV on to be able to just listen to music. I suppose I can keep my old Apple TV running just for that though, that will work.


        • I’ve actually started streaming music direct from my iPhone or iPad to our Bluetooth sound bar under the tv. Better quality sound and quicker than going via the Apple TV!


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