How time flies

Adding some notes to Evernote on my iPhone 6 Plus a moment ago, I paused to think about what a great phone it is and how over the moon I was when it arrived last year.

And yet…

In just a few hours, Apple will have announced a replacement and the iPhone 6 will feel like a millstone around my neck. An out of date, clunky, ugly phone, which I have to sell at the earliest opportunity in order to buy the latest, improved model.

I will be ecstatic at the prospect of using the (slightly) improved model and the (slightly) upgraded specs. I will have fallen – hook, line and sinker – for Apple’s marketing spiel. I will be keen – nay, obsessed – with purchasing the new iPhone.

Because… I am a deeply irrational Apple fan.

And so the cycle begins again.

You can watch all the fun and games via this link and my twitter account will probably be excitable and exhausting until at least 8pm. Best to avoid if you’re not interested in iPhones.

(Admitting you have a problem is the first step on the way to recovery, right?)

2 comments on “How time flies

  1. stevemorton

    I’ve not had a chance to view the keynote yet. But I wonder if they will do the upgrade package here in Europe.


    • I’m not sure. Might be attractive to some people. My last few iPhones were bought outright, as it’s more flexible for me. But if Apple get into the handset subsidy game, they might encourage mobile operators to be more…generous?

      And imagine if Apple started its own network?!


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