Exasperated Apple Pay face

Well, it finally happened. After yesterday’s enthusiasm about using my Apple Watch to pay for stuff (i.e. cake), I went to use Passbook on my watch this morning to buy breakfast at Starbucks. I was all set: Passbook app and correct card on screen.

I leant forward towards the scanner and…nothing happened. Cue passive-aggressive sigh from the girl behind me. I tried again and…nothing. I could feel the panic rising in my chest. I stared at the scanner, willing it to to work.

Helpfully, the smiling barista pointed out the watch screen was dark, so I flipped my wrist, up popped the relevant card and my purchase went through. I felt my shoulders slump back into their normal, slumped position. Oh, the relief.

A delay of approximately 5 seconds, but enough to make the girl behind me continue sighing like she was auditioning for porn and make a comment along the lines of “what’s wrong with cash?”

A quick glance behind me revealed her to be clutching a Blackberry like it was a weapon. What indeed is wrong with cash? Nothing. And what’s wrong with using a mobile phone that was last relevant sometime in the dark ages? Plenty, but I wouldn’t comment on it to her face. Her choice.

Each to their own.

So I’ve survived my first mildly humiliating Apple Pay failure. But in terms of awkwardness, paying with the Apple Watch via Passbook isn’t as easy as using Apple Pay or simply waving my iPhone near the terminal.

Maybe a “magic trick” to reserve for when I’m last in the queue…

1 comment on “Exasperated Apple Pay face

  1. Luckily, your barista was in charge…There’s a lot of mac-hatred out there. I bought a pc laptop a couple of years ago (sold it within 6 mos) and have a Samsung tab4 but the majority of my personal choices are mac–because the other guys are about as bad as Job’s megalomaniacalism at this point.

    Oh, and I own stock in RIM as well as APL and another tech (bio) stock, CELG. As well as Valmart and BOA because I have an Interesting Approach to stock. I’ll retire off SOMETHING and I’m not brand loyal when it comes to MONEY.

    Where was I?

    People are idiots.

    Speaking of delays: My Target RedCard (technically just a debit card but you have 5% of transactions discounted IMMEDIATELY at the checkout as loyalty) ‘updated.’ Don’t know if you heard but about 2 years ago, they were one of the MANY companies whose ranks were plundered by hackers. One of the things they did to protect people was to immediately change account numbers/ cards and you had to change passwords (zeroed out those on file OBVI) but also offered 1 year of full Experion coverage. While I wasn’t harmed by the security breach, I took them up on ALL of the above. Most recently (as in this week), they’ve stopped using magnetic strips in cards and instead have a chip imbedded.

    That’s a lot of backstory but only to say: they *are* trying and I recognise that and even applaud it. The new chip ‘technology,’ however, takes about 1 minute to process. I thought the lady behind me the 1st time I checked out was going to shoot me with a gun.

    ‘It’s not ME!!!!’ Ugh.

    They need to do 2 things with the new system: a) speed, seriously and b) when you are allowed to retrieve your card (standing with your dick in your hand, in the meantime because you don’t ‘zip’ it, you insert and WAIT), there’s a ANGRY chirping. Simply make it a happy chirp. That sound is GRATING and angers the people who are NOT using your stoopid RedCard. Me? I’d be willing to roll with it but the passive-aggressive shite from people behind me blows.


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