Considering the latest Apple rumours…


Apple are holding their now-traditional September iPhone event next week and I’m mildly surprised at my lack of bowel-trembling excitement.

Could it be that my iPhone 6 plus is the ultimate iPhone for me and, regardless of rumours, I’m not interested in upgrading?


really like the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s basically everything that I’ve been looking for in a smartphone for a very long time. Except a stylus. (See my brief affair with Samsung’s Note 4…). The screen is magnificent, the battery life is superb and it’s light and sturdy in one, easy to use package.

What could possibly tempt me to upgrade?

I don’t see Apple launching an iPhone 6s plus that’s significantly better, but rather something that represents an incremental update. Maybe something that’s really attractive if you’re still using an iPhone 5 or 5s? And as I buy my phones outright, as opposed to getting them from Vodafone) I’m not sure I can justify the (at least) £700 required for an upgrade.

I’m much more excited about iOS 9 and what’s going to bring to both my iPhone and my iPads. It looks like a significant and exciting upgrade. Hopefully it’ll be available for download shortly after the keynote. Specifically, Apple News looks very interesting. I can’t remember the last time I read an entire newspaper in a single day. I get my news online from multiple (multiple!!) sources and think it’s best to read different points of view. Hence my iPad get a daily dose of The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph and the Irish Times. An app that would gather together relevant and interesting articles from all of this into an easily accessible portal would be great.

Except… paywalls. The papers have to make money. So how will this work? At least I’ll be able to identify the blogs and websites I want news from.

Rumours of an iPad Pro aren’t going away and I have to wonder if Apple will shake up its iPad line with a monster 12″ model. The only part of this rumour that really interests me is talk of a stylus. I would love if iOS devices had a specially built stylus – it would be perfect on the iPhone 6 Plus. And yet… something tells me that any stylus functionality won’t be backwards-compatible and will require us to buy the new models of iPhone and iPad.

That aside, I hope they tidy up the various glitches that are still annoying me in Apple Music. I’ve been a real advocate for the service and will quite happily pay once my free trial is over. It has opened up whole new worlds of music to me and its recommendation service is very useful. But every so often, it just falls over and refuses to work at all. I really, really want it to succeed.

Finally, I’m going to be able to watch this event online live for the first time in AGES. Usually, I find myself on a train or a plane, but this year I’m going to be working from my home office (coincidence, I assure you), so will make the time to watch it and enjoy the inevitable surprises from the privacy of my own home.

Let’s see what they have in store…

2 comments on “Considering the latest Apple rumours…

  1. The last time out (iPhone 6) for me, I opted to LEASE an 18 month programme. It’s an odd feeling, knowing that rather than outright or at least ‘by the end,’ it’s still not yours; however, the upside is you get to roll right into another one on lower monthly fees.

    I, unlike everybody on the planet, never managed to make a bundle off selling my 2 year old iphones (having run them since 2007). Living in the middle of nowhere means less people but moreover, less people with more than $50 to pay for anything, let alone a TWO YEAR OLD DEVICE. It’s all relative.

    Anyhoo! I’m looking forward to ios9, as I always believe the hype. I ended up taking your advice and signing on for a 3 month trial (and discontinuing) for Apple Music. I’m not cool enough to like 98% of there recommendations or curations. The NPR radio was something I used but I already have an app called TuneIn, which I pay for the pro version and can RECORD any radio programme I like to listen to later (or listen live). Anyway, it didn’t offer anything beyond off-line listening or music that I had done without for the rest of my life. Not putting it down! I don’t like Spotify or Pandora as much as others and I already get the not-so-special Amazon Prime Music since Prime…

    It was a huge overhaul, though, and things do evolve.

    I’m more worried about my poor old macs (ancient iMac and mid2012 mbp / retina. I did the right thing and bought solid state drive the next-to-largest, thank dog, or I’d be SOL. As it is, I’m getting ‘startup disk nearly full’ and that’s after DUMPING a boatload. I’m a storage hog and have several XDDs.

    Now that it appears I’ll no longer need all that professional grade design software (haven’t emotionally given up but pragmatically…), that should solve issues at least for the next model I buy.

    I’m always wanting whatever comes out next! And my Samsung Tab4 is ‘fine’ as far as dorking about on the fly. It’s a nice device but I prefer the heavy (not 15lb like they used to be) mbp as it can do everything but survive a drop.


    • iOS 9 does look tasty, alright. Plus, it’s free. 🙂

      I really don’t “need” anything, from a hardware perspective, but it’s never stopped me before! I hear you on Apple Music. I’m not enjoying “Beats One” as I think I’m obviously too old for what they’re playing. But Apple Music’s large library of jazz and other genres is just right for me.


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