Considering the new Macbook

Thanks to the appearance of summer in London for several hours in a row, I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon in the park and then in the garden, catching up on various podcasts and soaking up sunshine.

I particularly enjoyed Connected #35, where David Sparks made a guest appearance and shared his views on the new 12″ Macbook. I’ve reviewed it previously and would agree with a lot of what’s said here – but it’s definitely worth a listen if you’re considering getting one.

The Macbook is extremely light, so you won’t need to think twice before bringing it with you. The battery life is epic, lasting an entire work day (for me, at least). And the screen is an absolutely delight.

I suppose the outstanding question is: could this serve as your “main” computer. And the answer is really dependent on what you use it for. Email, web-browsing, video chat, listening to music and using MS Office while on the go? Definitely.

Video or audio editing, or anything similarly resource demanding? Probably not and your best bet is a Macbook Pro.

I’m in the former camp – nothing two demanding. I’d say the apps that are used most frequently on this laptop are: Evernote, ToDoist, Mail app, Calendar, Powerpoint, Safari, Slack and iTunes. Nothing too demanding or heavy there. Even with all running concurrently, I’ve not noticed any significant impact on performance.

And if you haven’t come across the Relay FM podcast network before, I can definitely recommend them. If, like me, you’re interested in getting stuff done with technology.

1 comment on “Considering the new Macbook

  1. I used to be a heavy user and for video editing (and graphic arts work), I would hop over to my 21″ iMac (it’s ancient now but helps SEE, especially when you need to flip back and forth through monster-sized apps.

    Anymore, well, I haven’t been doing artwork, so I’m just dicking about. I still use my iMac as a screen for viewing film/tv (digital content) but I’m mostly using the mbp (though it is a 15″).


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