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A developing Knomad addiction

I love my Knomad mini, as is apparent from this post. It’s incredibly handy for traveling, keeping my passport and iPad safe and looks good too. Too good, perhaps…

Since that last post, my Knomad collection has grown, worryingly. I now have a black leather Knomad built for an iPad Air, the same model in brown and yesterday, I got a Knomad Mini in brown. Before you think I’ve lost the plot, each was at a significant discount and the last one I got on eBay for a steal.

A couldn’t-leave-it-there-for-that-price kind of price.

I may soon have more of these little things than I have Filofaxes. Which are in fact looking pretty neglected right now.

Let’s just let that sink in for a moment. That’s possibly sacrilegious to some of you, I know.

But I got rid of my Filofax collection once before and regretted it not long after. These babies aren’t going anywhere soon. The Knomads are getting a regular airing though.

The thing is, with an iPad Mini, an A6 notebook, a battery, pen, charging cable and iPad keyboard (etc. etc.) inside the Knomad, I don’t really need a Filofax with me.

Well done, Knomo. Proving again that iPad cases don’t have to be ugly.

2 comments on “A developing Knomad addiction

  1. Ok. You win! I was waiting to learn whether my iPad 2 (non-Air) will upgrade to iOS 9. Apple have announced it will (a bit slowly like iOS 8 maybe) so I’ll treat it to a new case. The forthcoming new mini iPad (4 or whatever it will be called) is rumoured to be a winner and that might tempt me, so I’ll need a Knomad for that too!


    • Welcome to the club! Check out the prices and models on Knomo’s own website, but look at eBay and Amazon too. That’s where the real bargains are to be found 🙂


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