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Huel: one week in

I’ve been trying out a new meal replacements / space-age food / meal in a bag product called Huel (“human fuel”, geddit?). It’s a little like Soylent, the food replacement powder that was all over the news last year. I’d been very interested to read about it and wondered if I’d ever try it if it was available in the UK. So as soon as I read about I ordered a batch.

I got my first delivery about a week ago and have been having it for breakfast each morning.

This kind of food has always piqued my interest. I do love real food, but I also find myself sometimes skipping meals due to workload, or grabbing something filling but truly awful on my way to appointments. Or, more likely, while waiting on a flight somewhere. (Plus, there’s something undeniably Star Trek about getting your food from a powder.)

Huel fills that gap, for breakfast anyway. I love food too much to go to an all-Huel diet! But for the last week, I’ve been using my Nutri-Bullet to experiment with the powder and concoct various versions of the drink.

Mainly, I’ve been using it with almond milk (my preferred alternative to the cow’s stuff) and alternating inclusion of fruit (banana, blueberries) or a couple of shots of espresso. Everything I’ve made so far has been delicious and has surpassed my expectations of something so bland-looking.

There’s a definite hint of vanilla in the distance, but it’s not what I would call “sweet”.

I’m definitely going to continue to have Huel for breakfast, especially when I have an early start. I can make up a batch the night before, store it in the fridge and take it with me when I leave early the next morning. It’ll help me avoid overly-sweet breakfast yoghurts and mueslis from coffee shops, which are both sugar-laden and expensive.

Huel on the other hand is extremely healthy. I’ve found it a lot more filling than other breakfast alternatives, which means no cravings and no hunger-fuelled snark. It’s tasty, super-quick to make and, when combined with a couple of shots from my Nespresso machine, quite the morning eye-opener.

It’s also definitely cheaper than the coffee-shop alternatives I’ve been enjoying for the past few years. I bought a “week’s” supply – a week if all you eat is Huel. I’ve just been enjoying it for breakfast, so this will probably last for three or four weeks. It came to £45, including a plastic shaker / bottle. And free delivery.

Next challenge? Figuring out a way to take this deeply suspicious looking powder with me on business trips, without looking like a drugs mule.

A “Huel mule”, if you will…

11 comments on “Huel: one week in

  1. I took Shakeology for several years and they were my most healthy-looking years if you consider that I regularly lifted (heavy, slow and few reps). My body prefers that BUT with the caveat that I have autoimmune disease and sometimes don’t heal as others do/-it helped.

    It’s hella dear.

    I’d have continued but when I received the Celiac diagnosis, they do not guarantee processing is without contamination. Paying over $100 for 30 doses that may be poisoning me is crazy.

    I believe it helped me survive H1N1 when that 1st went round & they didn’t have vaccines yet. THAT was a cruel mistress! All I could do was drag myself to drink it, then lapse back panting in high fever for days. Should’ve been in hospital but Ozarks, you know.

    Okay, and meself.

    ANYWAY if it treats you as well or even half as well as Shakeology did me, it’s a beautiful thing to add to daily life!

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  2. Alan Mellerick

    Very interesting – I’ll be looking forward to your review after a month or so. A consultant recently told me to completely eliminate sugar from my diet, due to a hypersensitivity. Huel say very little about the sugar content of their product, but the concept does appeal; test on, oh guinea-pig! 😉

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