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Review: Ant-Man

So, Ant-Man was excellent. Like a cross between Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers. Fun, action-packed and exciting.

Deep and meaningful cinema it is not. But do you go to see a Marvel flick to explore the meaning of life, or to watch the characters you grew up reading about, up on a big screen, smacking seven shade of crap out of each other?

Yes, exactly.

Despite my earlier misgivings, Michael Douglas was excellent as Hank Pym. I’m glad they hinted at his darker side (oh yes, he’s got quite the back-story) and at least mentioned his wife. Lots of dangling plot threads and not one, but two post-credits scenes the dedicated Marvel fans will have to watch. (That and some excellent, though short, Avengers content. No spoilers!)

Me? I thought they were well worth the wait. @FrankDJS was much less impressed.

I’m looking forward to seeing Scott Lang return as Ant-Man in any of Marvel’s upcoming films. Paul Rudd is excellent and just spot-on for this not quite heroic hero. In case you’ve missed it, here’s the trailer.

1 comment on “Review: Ant-Man

  1. Glad to hear YOU liked it! I did enjoy it; very fun to watch. It wasn’t one of my fave Avengers films but I will watch it again, so it’s not that I didn’t like it. I really liked Iron Man I & 2 more (3 was good but I started feeling punch drunk).


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