The Apple Watch continues to be useful

Okay, so this isn’t strictly something that will cause you to run to the Apple Store with money in your hands, screaming “just give me the Apple Watch!”, but… it’s another example of how I find the Apple Watch to be very convenient and helpful.

Not life-changing. It’s a watch, after all.

I travel around the UK by train quite a lot for business. Owing to my epilepsy, I’m not allowed to drive. At this point, I actually prefer long journeys by train, rather than going by car. I book all my tickets well in advance when possible, sending my booking confirmation emails to the wonderful Kayak service, where they get turned into calendar entries in my iCloud account.

How does all of this relate to the Apple Watch?

Well, to collect my train tickets from the machines at the station, I have to enter the credit card I used for the booking and then manually type in a long string of random letters and numbers from the confirmation email. This can be a bit of a faff, especially if I’m juggling a bag, a wallet and a phone. But, Kayak takes this booking reference number and adds it to the calendar entry. Which ends up on my watch.

So, while formerly I would use my iPhone 6 plus to access the information in my calendar, now all it takes is a tap and a glance at my Apple Watch while typing in the booking reference. I did this just this afternoon and kicked myself for not thinking of it earlier.

Does this save me hours a day, week, month or even year? Not at all. Have I attained gadget nirvana? Don’t be silly. But it’s another reason to leave the phone in my pocket or bag, which means one fewer opportunity to drop it or have it snatched from my hand.

Just another way I find the Apple Watch useful in everyday life. (Yeah… still not sending my heartbeat to anyone.)

All that said, I’m really looking forward to watchOS 2, which promises speedier Apple Watch responses once third-party apps are located on the watch itself.

4 comments on “The Apple Watch continues to be useful

  1. It makes perfect sense to have these things on a watch. I’ve always said they could bar code or chip me, so long as I don’t have to deal with numbers, etc!

    My eyes are so poor (with specs, oh, middle-age), that something small to LOOK at isn’t feasible but it it wasn’t a problem, the watch would be a great saver of excessive pawing about for info.


    • MacPsych

      So true. I’ve set it up so it has my next appointment from the calendar showing. So my day’s schedule (and associated notes) is just one tap of the finger away.

      Most appointments have the address included too, so it’s doubly useful.


  2. That’s an interesting justification! Trying to enlarge the screen on your iPhone in order to read the combination of numbers and letters, whilst typing them in the right order and hoping the card you inserted is the same one that you used when you purchased the tickets online AND at the same time avoiding the gaze of the increasingly impatient queue forming behind you is always a challenge!


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