Game of Thrones come-down…

I finally caught up with Game of Thrones season five on my flights to and from Singapore last week. It’s always a gamble watching GoT on a plane, as you never know when someone is going to be murdered grusomely or when there is going to be an explosion of fairly gratuitous nudity.

But safely ensconced in my business class “pod”, nobody else could see what I was watching and I got fairly engrossed in each episode. It was superb. 

I’m left, now, at the end of the season, wanting more Game of Thrones than I’ve ever wanted it before. So many plot lines left hanging, so many character developments and so much plot exposition in a fairly fast-paced season. Having watched it in two long viewing sessions, I’m tempted to re-watch it at a more leisurely pace, to see what I inevitably missed. 

The thing about Game of Thrones is that so much is revealed in the dialogue – more, in fact, than in any action scene or indivivdual murder. You have to pay attention and listen carefully. I’m sure I missed various important points while I was eating or drinking.

And now I’m bereft. I don’t know when I’ll get more Game of Thrones. A sign of an excellent series, I’d say. 

7 comments on “Game of Thrones come-down…

  1. The books have SO much more plot-wise (also in violence) that it’s astounding the show turns out as well as it does without them! I only read them after beginning S01 but I do highly recommend them as there’s truly So Much More!

    I’m not saying ‘the books was better’ (which in falsely accused of ‘always’ saying…some things I prefer film / tv!

    I’m saying if you like it, you may really like the plot lines in books.


    • MacPsych

      I may well start the books, actually. To get my GoT ‘fix’ until next year 🙂


      • It took me a week each to read the 1st 2 (I didn’t watch any videos or basically MOVE if it didn’t involve work or commuting), just read! Then I took a few weeks off and it took about 3 weeks to read the next one. I took a month off and read the last 2 quickly. Like binge-watching, binge-reading THAT many pages means I can’t rely on memory of the story. There are also FAR more characters. It’s crazy!


        • MacPsych

          Well I’m flying to Malaysia on Friday, so there’s two long-haul flights for me to use for reading


          • Tell you what I wish I had to watch: Miss Kathy’s next stand up special. It’s funny cos she has more than any other comedian in the US but there’s NEVER enough!


    • MacPsych

      Just bought the first book 🙂


      • Enjoy! I’ll give one point of advice: when he starts going on about food, ‘skip on a bit, Brother’ because it doesn’t move the story along and Mr. Martin DOES enjoy his food. The later books have shorter food ‘scenes’ but you’ll see what I mean. They needed to be weeded out, really.


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