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London Pride 2015 – sunshine, drag and uniforms!

Yesterday was London Pride 2015 and the weather gods smiled upon us all – sunshine and warm weather al day long. It couldn’t have been any better! (So much for the gays causing floods and other natural disasters…)

We watched the parade on Regent Street and it was great to see such a diversity of marchers. From voluntary groups, the armed forces, police and fire-fighters, through to civil servants, LGBT family groups and various drags acts. I’m still impressed at how they managed to walk that distance in those insanely high heels…

It was all very good natured and upbeat. The marchers from the emergency services and armed forces got a lot of applause and support from where I was watching, along with marchers from countries where it’s still illegal (and possibly fatal) to be openly gay. A reminder that events like Pride are still relevant and necessary in 2015.

We then wandered down to Trafalgar Square where the main rally was taking place. Various musical acts and speeches reminded us how lucky we were compared to other parts of the world, while also recognising the recent fantastic news from both Ireland and the US. Big cheers from the crowd each time these countries got a mention – made me feel (once again) really proud to be Irish!

The back up to Soho to meet some friends for a few drinks in the sunshine. The people-watching was excellent, with every shade, size and type of person represented. The atmosphere was hugely positive and fun, though the streets were jammed with people and it seemed to take several weeks to get served at any of the bars.

I didn’t make it a late one, as I’d flown home from Singapore overnight on Friday, arriving 5am Saturday. So I was flagging by the time 7pm came around. There was a time when Pride would’ve ended for me some time on the Sunday morning…I fear those days are over! But from where I was standing, it looked like everyone else was going to party for some time to come.

4 comments on “London Pride 2015 – sunshine, drag and uniforms!

  1. As the downer I am, I’ll say here, too: I’m stoked that my friends’ marriages are recognised all about the land now but in 29 states (incl MO) if an employer LEARNS you are gay, they can fire you.

    Same goes with birth control is legal in the U.S. but individuals can refuse to provide it (not terminations but BC pills or condoms). Freaking World Power, my big, white arse.

    I’m tired of ‘baby steps.’


    • MacPsych

      Seems crazy, I agree. I’m sorry, but as long as individual paranormal/supernatural beliefs can trump the law of the land, then it’s not an equal society. There’s definitely still more work to be done! And providing gay couples with a route to legal, recognised marriage in the eyes of the state (not a religion…nobody is forcing priests/rabbis/imams to marry anyone) does not negatively impact anyone’s existing heterosexual marriage.

      Losing your job because of your sexuality is a disgrace. Makes me wonder how Fox “News” can complain about the state of the “Third World” when the US doesn’t provide services, benefits and entitlements that are commonplace elsewhere.

      Yes, there’s definitely more to be done.


  2. We went to NYC Pride on Sunday, first time for me since the 1990s! It was splendid, though we had to leave fairly early to get home as we live 2 hours drive away and both were to report to work early on Monday morning. Looks like London got much better weather!


    • MacPsych

      The weather was absolutely fab, there’s no denying it. Couldn’t have asked for better. Glad you enjoyed NYC – I’ve never been to Pride there. Maybe one day!


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