Apple Watch: now I’m really impressed

Two things that have blown me away in the past week:

  1. You can not only check your email via the Apple Watch, but also process your inbox by deleting unwanted crap right from the watch interface. Those spare five minutes here and there can really help you prune your inbox and separate the important from the rest. A “force touch” on the screen brings up an interface where you can delete/archive, flag or mark as unread. Very, very useful.

  2. Accessing and managing my ToDoist lists right from the watch is more useful than I could ever have imagined. I’m getting really comfortable with the watch interface (it has definitely taken longer than I’d thought – possibly because I’ve mostly, until this week, been using it to view the various notifications that pop up on screen, rather than actually interact with them) and regularly checking my priority actions on the watch before looking at my phone.

This does use more of the battery, but not much more. This last week, I’ve been using the above functionality each day and, rather than finishing the day with about 75% of battery remaining, I’m getting 65%. Still excellent and still ahead of expectations.

This all has me very excited for the arrival of third party apps on the watch later in the year.

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