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Still doing with ToDoist

This post, from over a year ago, has turned out to be one of the most popular on my blog. In it, I describe how in my move from iOS to Android, I was looking for a replacement for OmniFocus. After evaluating some options on the Google Play store, I opted for ToDoist.

Well, a year and a bit later and I’m still using ToDoist. I’ve since moved away from Android (which was strictly a temporary arrangement!) yet still use ToDoist despite being once again able to rely on OmniFocus.


Simplicity. ToDoist is my favourite productivity app (closely followed by Evernote) as it allows me to make life as simple or a complex as I want. Hierarchical ordering of projects, colour coding of prioritisation, sharing of projects. It’s all in there.

And after a year of solid use, I can say quite confidently “I’m hooked”.

It’s on my iPhone, my iPads, my Macbook and my iMac. Basically, every screen I look at during the working day has access to this app. it’s that useful. When I set up my new Macbook the other day, it was the very first app I installed! Anything I want or need to do gets added to Todoist within seconds. Either by typing in a reminder to myself or simply forwarding an email to a unique email address.

Using ToDoist, I can stop “remembering to remember” and just focus on what’s in front of me now. I can manage my workload, get reminded of what needs doing when and maintain a sense of control when it’s really important.

ToDoist is the first app I open in the morning (yes, even before I look at email) and the last thing I look at night. Seriously.

In a world of seemingly unending choice when it comes to managing your tasks, ToDoist wins it for me. If you’ve not tried it out and feel the need to start keep track of your life, then give it a go. It has both free and premium versions.

And I’m in no way affiliated with them – just a big fan 🙂

And as of a couple of hours ago, it’s also available on the Apple Watch:

3 comments on “Still doing with ToDoist

  1. That’s an amazing reference. My goal as a product manager is for someone to write such a review for a product I design. And after a year of usage – even better!


    • MacPsych

      I only speak well of things I find useful or innovative – ToDoist is a well crafted product and they keep it updated, but still simple. I’ve become a real advocate of it in my coaching and productivity workshops. That and Evernote!


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