Review: Knomad Mini Portable Organiser

I’ve been using the very lovely Knomad Mini Portable Organiser from Knomo for the last week. It’s something I’ve had my eye on for some time and, after a good month on the work front, I decided to treat myself.

What is it?

It’s built to carry an iPad Mini, along with the carious other things you might stuff into your pockets. In the photos below, I’ve shown what I carried around last weekend: iPad Mini (behind which is a Moleskine notebook for work), business cards, USB memory stick, pen, smaller notebook (three for £2 from Hema!), passport and my iPhone 6 Plus (not shown, as I used it to take the photo).

It folds up into a kind of canvas envelope which you can either carry around by hand or pop into a bag. I’ve used it for the last week while working in Amsterdam and it was perfect for taking into various meetings and workshops.

I had my agenda and meeting prep notes on the iPad Mini and a pen and paper to jot down any thoughts as they occurred to me. Definitely lighter than toting a laptop around and avoids you stuffing your pockets and ruining your trousers.

Flying to and from Amsterdam, it was all I had in my hand on board. iPad Mini for reading, notebook for notes and passport for the last minute security check at Schiphol airport, which I always forget about until the last minute!

Would I recommend it? Well, it’s high quality and built to last. I’ve had a few Knomo bags over the years and they’ve all taken the daily commuter abuse very well.

It looks nicer than bulging trouser pockets and is a really handy way to carry around some commonly used items. I admit my iPhone 6 Plus is a definite squeeze into the mobile phone pocket, but it’s canvas, not plastic and so there’s some stretch in there.

It would comfortably take most “normal” sized mobile phones. There’s also a space for a mobile battery that Knomo sell. I’ve not bought one, but I may well invest, as I have a morbid fear of being without device power while away from home.

If you’re like me and can’t leave the house with a selection of “stuff”, then you might find it useful. The sides of the Knomad are open to the elements though, so I’m not sure how it would cope in London’s typical wet weather.

I also have the smallest of small wallets, so this is a great place to keep various loyalty cards and assorted scraps of paper that just don’t fit into my card case. I’ll definitely be carrying mine around this summer. And it allows me to carry so much more information that any of my A5 Filofaxes, at a fraction of the weight.

(And dare I suggest it looks slightly more socially acceptable than a “formal” leather A5 Filofax?)

The Knomad comes in multiples styles and sizes (including one for the iPad Air and one for the Microsoft Surface).

Here’s the promotional video from Knomo, illustrating how they think you could use it:

3 comments on “Review: Knomad Mini Portable Organiser

  1. Now that’s something that I would find really useful! I’ve been searching covers for ages and haven’t seen anything as practical as this. I particularly like the elasticated holders (similar to those found on Filofax Original). Like you, I seem to need a range of ‘bits and bobs’ when out and about! A couple of queries please…
    – I have an iPad 2. They don’t make one specifically for old iPads but I assume the one designed for the iPad Air should (given the fabric material) still fit the bill?
    – Would my iPad still need its normal ‘cradle’ case as well (to protect the corners and to operate the magnetic closure). I would be fearful of cracking the glass if the iPad was just in a lightweight fabric pocket.
    – Why do you need an iPad Mini and an iPhone 6 Plus? I’ve been contemplating replacing BOTH my iPad and iPhone (5) with the 6 Plus! Am I missing something?

    Thanks for a great review! Tim


    • MacPsych

      I think your iPad 2 should fit but I’m not 100%. They sell these in John Lewis too, so you could always pop in to one (if local) and try it for size.

      I don’t out anything around my iPad mini when in the Knomad – I think its cushioning is more than enough.

      As for having both iPhone 6 plus and iPad mini, I like the bigger screen for reading and frequently use it when I’m presenting or running workshops. Much neater than lots of loose paper 🙂


      • We don’t have many branches of John Lewis in the Yorkshire Dales but their website suggests any 10″ will fit. Now I’ve seen they do a leather version but that may be a bit over the top (unless you know differently). I have a portable phone charger that I use when fell walking/ cycling so that would be good to use. Piccies indicate my reading glasses might fit too. The number of times I end up squinting at restaurant menus because I’ve forgotten them!

        Now, I’ve a birthday coming up and a trip to the USA where I’ll need my stuff together to help me run my business whilst I’m away! Pressies idea solved! Thanks!


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