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Coffee goes in here

2015-05-16 08.36.04

My lovely, lovely new coffee machine arrived while I was away on business this week. The very frugal Mr. @FrankDJS spotted an online bargain last week which, with various combinations of online vouchers, meant this little beauty cost about £30.

Hard to argue with that, right?

A Nespresso machine has filled my being with a jolt of very necessary morning caffeine for the last several years. To the extent that I really (scarily?) miss that little jolt when I’m away from home.

To the extent that I’ve been known to choose a hotel chain based on whether they have Nespresso machines in the bedrooms.


This model is excellent. Smaller than my last one, it seems quieter, more powerful and the coffee arrives in the cup faster. There’s not a lot more to add. I get hotter coffee into my system faster.

Multiple wins there.

Here’s to coffee and its magical properties. Turning ogres into humans every morning!

2 comments on “Coffee goes in here

  1. I really like the design.


    • MacPsych

      Me too – very svelte, very organic. But it’s incredibly solid. You know you’re using a really well put together piece of kit. Plus, it makes great coffee 🙂


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