Another bucket-list update


After writing my bizarre bucket-list of things I want to do before I turn 40, I didn’t really come back with an update after this.

So far, I’m not doing too badly. I’ve managed to make my way over to Iceland and had a really magnificent time. We fell in love with the place and will definitely be going back. Such friendly people in Reykjavik, just beautiful scenery and such fantastic food.

We also had a nice weekend in Paris, took in Bath for the first time (including a dip in the lovely baths themselves), yet it appears the World Naked Bike Ride will elude me this year. I’m going to be in Miami that weekend.

(Maybe I’ll just cycle around South Beach naked the same day. I’m sure it won’t be a problem, right?)

Based on existing work and travel commitments, I’m not sure Venice is on the cards, but you never know. I’ve also looked into the Sleeper train to Scotland and need to find a suitable weekend later in the year.

I just need to haul ass over the Finnish Sauna for an easy extra tick in the box. As things stand, the list looks like this now:

  • Take the sleeper train to Scotland
  • Go camping (anywhere!)
  • Write a book – fiction or otherwise
  • Start my own business
  • Visit Iceland
  • World naked bike ride in London
  • Record a podcast
  • Go hiking somewhere in the UK
  • Spend a long weekend in Paris
  • Visit the Finnish sauna in London
  • Weekend spa visit to Bath
  • Visit Venice
Suggestions on camping, hiking and recording some form of podcast most welcome.

7 comments on “Another bucket-list update

  1. On the camping front, are we talking wilderness, just a tent backpack and little else, or are we talking Glamping; taking everything including the kitchen sink in a vehicle with all creature comforts? Campsite or backwoods? You could do both hiking and camping on the wicklow way, Scottish highlands or maybe south tyroll, Italy, swinging by Venice en route.


    • MacPsych

      Maybe…Camping in Venice?

      I really have no idea. Will have to see if I can combine with a business trip somewhere nice!


  2. I’m wondering if my children’s story reading creative blog idea wouldn’t be better as a podcast? They do a naked bike ride in STL as well but I think only a few ppl go full commando.


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